Ropeway Construction - Passenger and Industrial

Support construction

Avalanche blasting ropeways, cable transport to mountain huts, material and goods transport, ski resort surface lifts and double cable-cars in large skiing areas.

Even at the most inaccessible locations we erect various supporting structures, including driving and return stations with the utmost precision and safety.

Cable installations

We install, repair and replace all types of rope and cable constructions. Our technically sophisticated equipment and know-how enable us to guarantee professional work in the shortest of time frames.

  • motorised fixed pulley with direct braking system;  4 - 120 ton load capacity with max. drum size Ø 4,5m and 5m wide (expandable on request)
  • cable winch with tractive force of 1,6 to 50 tons, linear traction and braking as well as tensioning device for 90mm cables and 185 ton  cable tension
  • casting of coupling sleeves and cable crimping
  • splicing and shortening of continuous cable loops
  • shifting of suspension tension ropes 
  • magnetic induction testing
  • cable cleaning and lubricating 



We also perform ropeway system deinstallations and conduct overhauls  for resale if required.

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