Material transport ropeways

Our machine outfit:

  • high performance traction units and cable cranes for cable car systems with up to 20 ton net load capacity, 5000m in length, upper speed limit 16m/s (~60km/h) and lifting speeds of up to 4m/s (~15km/h)!
  • two-directional cornering with up to 60° in a cable line!!
  • gradients of up to 59,5°( 170% !! ) and more!
  • cable cranes with double hoist units, enabling pipes and building components to be layed in exact inclination, extremely long goods and materials to be transported and containers to be automatically dumped!
  • all motors have special injection systems, saving up to 25% in fuel and reducing emissions. Our newest generation machinery and  large motors are designed for 100% biodiesel. Drive units are also compatible with e-motors, so depending on the operation, leave behind minimal ecological footprints!

…and to complete the program:

  • telescopic loader/forklift with 4 ton lifting capacity / 13 metre range; other sizes on inquiry
  • walking excavator MenziMuck and Kaiser in cooperation with our partner companies


In addition to installation and operation of ropeways we also offer complete systems for hire as well as components; for example: high performance cable winches, cable cranes, supporting elements and accessory parts.

Systems projects are tailored to customer needs, and planned and implemented according to  O.I.T.A.F guidelines or country specific specifications.
Our technicians train clients' operating personnel in maintenance, operation and handling of ropeway systems.