Workshop / Machinery

> Our infrastructure sector has expanded!

Workshop operation

The workshop has been operating since 2013, primarily conducting repairs and maintenance on company machines and equipment.

General car and agricultural machinery repairs, as well as diverse service, modification and developmental work is also included.

The workshop is also available for "do-it-yourself and self service" hire, prior consultation required.

We use "Econokit" and "DropNOx", water based fuel enhancing kits  for improved fuel economy in motors in various machines and areas of application, eg. cars, trucks, tractors, construction machinery, stationary engines etc. and sell Econokit for do-it-yourself installation.

We are also a certified installation service for Econokit/DropNOx and[nbsp the regional representative for West Austria (Salzburg, Tirol, Vorarlberg), as well as Bavaria and South Tirol!

Experience has shown an approx. 8-25% reduction in fuel consumption through better and cleaner burning.  Emissions are significantly reduced and motors have an improved running performance, especially at lower rpms.

The ATH-Heinl company's range of workshop equipment products is distributed, installed and  maintained by Waltl-Seilbahnen.

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